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Reach your career potential as here it's more than a job

Step in to the world of potential as we invest in our employees to help them develop and achieve their professional goals. We encourage our team to dive in, roll up their sleeves and take on the many opportunities waiting for them.

If you're a hardcore professional looking for challenges, or just starting your career and looking for a company that creates career-building opportunities, we offer ample opportunities as well as training and development programs that empower you to expand your skills and abilities. We invite you to share our vision and join our mission to excellence in everything that we do. Our team serves our clients with precision and reliability because they count on us to deliver, every time. Our team is entrepreneurial and innovative, going beyond present problems to find future solutions, unlocking our clients' competitive edge and helping them achieve their business goals.


  • Employees must be cordial with each other. One must respect his fellow worker. Backbiting is considered strictly unprofessional and must be avoided. One gains nothing out of conflicts and nasty politics at work. And we at Antrorse take a strict action against such practices.
  • Each employee are treated as one. Partiality leads to demotivated employees and eventually an unhealthy work culture. Employees are judged here only by their work and nothing else.
  • Appreciating the top performers. We award performers here and expect good work from them every time. We don’t criticize the ones who have not performed well, instead ask them to pull up their socks for the next time. We give them one more opportunity rather than firing them immediately.
  • Encouraging discussions at the workplace. Employees must discuss issues among themselves to reach to better conclusions. Each one should have the liberty to express his views. The team leaders and managers interact with the subordinates frequently. Transparency is maintained at all levels for better relationships among employees and a healthy work culture. Manipulating information and data tampering will lead to a legal action. Let information flow in its desired form.
  • Employee friendly policies and practical guidelines. Rules and regulations are made here to benefit the employees. Employees must maintain the decorum of the organization. Discipline is important and we are very strict on it.
  • No Hitler Approach. Bosses are like mentors to the employees. The team leaders are source of inspiration for the subordinates. The superiors provide a sense of direction to the employees and guide them whenever needed. The team members has an easy access to their boss.
  • Team building activities. We conduct training programs, workshops, seminars and presentations to upgrade the existing skills of the employees. And prepare them for the tough times. All should be ready under any odd circumstances or change in the work culture.
  • Employees who believe they were victims of job discrimination due to race, religion, sex or disability must immediately raise the complaint to the HR Manager. Strict legal actions will be taken against the person involved in such activities. Our process includes:
  • Clear explanation of prohibited conduct.
  • Employees who make complaints or participate in an investigation of a complaint will be protected against retaliation.
  • Clear description of complaint process.
  • Company will protect the confidentiality of complaints to the extent possible.
  • Complaint process that provides prompt, thorough and impartial investigation.
  • Company will take immediate and appropriate corrective action when an investigation determines that harassment has occurred.
  • Keeping in mind the safety risks for women, measures to protect women employees during night shifts are taken which includes:
  • Additional security for women employees who work before 6am or after 8pm.
  • Cab / Company Transport during the night including escorts, GPS based monitoring, alarm systems.
  • Restricted entry into the workplace.
  • CCTV cameras at important locations which are functional and monitored 24/7.
  • Self Defense training.
  • Emergency numbers and designated authorities who can be contacted at any time.
  • Periodic and random checks of all security measures.

  • Besides security issues, it is clear that night shift work and rotating shifts have a negative impact on physical and mental health, social and family life irrespective of gender. Therefore regular measures are taken to minimize the negative effects of shiftwork which is applicable not only to women but to men as well which includes:

  • Regular health-assessments and access to medical advice on work-related health concerns.
  • First-aid facilities and quick access to further treatment, if necessary.
  • Work from home facility.
  • Purpose: Planning and reviewing the performance of each employee. Performance appraisals influence salaries, promotions and transfers, and it is critical that boss are objective in conducting performance reviews and in assigning overall performance ratings.

    Eligibility: All full- and part-time employees are provided an annual performance review and consideration for merit pay increases as warranted.

    Performance Review Schedule: Performance appraisals are conducted annually on the month of July. Each manager is responsible for the timely and equitable assessment of the performance and contribution of subordinate employees.

    Salary Increases: A performance appraisal does not always result in an automatic salary increase. The employee's overall performance and salary level relative to position responsibilities will be evaluated to determine whether a salary increase is warranted. Out-of-cycle salary increases must be preapproved by the department manager, human resource manager & Managing Director.

    Processes: HRM will establish the format and timing of all review processes. The completed evaluations will be retained in the employee's personnel file. Salary increase requests must be supported by a performance appraisal for salary change processing. Managers will not discuss any proposed action with the employee until all written approvals are obtained. HR will review all salary increase/adjustment requests to ensure compliance with company policy and that they fall within the provided guidelines. The Managing Director has the right to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice.

    Perks & Benefits

    Health Benefits

    Health insurance, Vacation and paid time off, Retirement plan, Dental and vision insurance, Maternity and paternity leave, Periodic health checkup, Life and disability insurance.

    Financial Benefits

    Competitive compensation, Retirement benefits, Employee share purchase plan, Professional development, Annual increment, Performance bonus, Target incentives.


    House rent allowance, Dearness allowance, Travel allowance, Medical allowance, Over time allowance, Leave encashment.

    Flexible Schedule

    Work from home, Part time job, Flexible timing, Allows employees to work when they accomplish most, feel freshest, and enjoy working, Avoids traffic and the stresses of commuting during rush hours.

    Company Events

    Seminars and conferences, Trade shows, Appreciation events, Tickets to a popular event, Holiday parties,Holiday trips, Team-Building events, Product launch events, Board meetings and shareholder meetings.

    Passionate Team

    Employees need to feel respected in what they are doing. This means that seniors has gained a certain level of trust with the team members. Employees feel a certain level of value to the organization. Employee’s needs become more specific, moving from a basic level of respect to learning and growing, performing meaningful work, feeling included and finally being a part of a winning team.

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    Campus Drive & Training

    Technical Management Trainee Program

  • 18 months of on-the-job as well as classroom training.
  • Gain cross functional as well as cross locational experience.
  • Graduate Apprentice

  • 12 months of on-the-job training & classroom training.
  • Develop your decision making skills through involvement in projects during the 12 months.
  • Commercial Management Trainee Program

  • 18 months of on-the-job as well as classroom training.
  • Gain cross functional as well as cross locational experience.
  • Junior Managers Program

  • Systematically develop your leadership and decision-making skills – through multifaceted involvement in projects as well as in day-to-day business.
  • Benefit from the in-depth guidance of an experienced mentor and senior executives, including regular feedback.
  • Internships

  • Full time work with proven specialists.
  • Be entrusted with your own area of responsibility within the scope of projects or in daily business.